Flexible movement and processing requirements for welding positioners

- Mar 18, 2019-

Flexible movement and processing requirements for welding positioners

During the operation of the welding positioner, the relevant moving parts and the guide rails and rollers should be coated with lubricating grease, and the closed transmission part should be lubricated with oil to keep the moving parts flexible. Regularly check the moving parts such as the guide rails, the carriage, the slider screw and the nut to prevent dust, loose flux and other debris, and affect the flexible movement of the moving parts. No collision is allowed, and all movements are applied to the joint surface.


The welding positioner needs to check its lifting chain once a month, so that it can effectively prevent the wear and clearance of the key moving parts such as the roll, the column roller and the beam roller. If problems are found, adjust, repair, replace, and improve consumables such as chains and connecting pins. The inspection must be removed once a year and processed in a timely manner.


Welding positioners need to check their respective forming switches frequently, and to a certain extent, their movement flexibility and reliability, whether the mechanical protection block is loose or damaged during operation. Always check the circuit connectors to keep the connections secure and reliable.


Use compressed air to purge the electric control cabinet and control the dust inside the box once a month to keep the relays, buttons, switches, etc. clean and in good contact, so as to avoid misoperation. All reducers must be checked for oil in the gear unit before use. Unfilled lubricants are strictly prohibited.www.ht-tube.com