Honing tube professional answer

- Apr 06, 2020-

1. If the honing tube is honing with a honing machine, how much can it achieve in the inner hole diameter?

The honing of the honing machine is carried out by honing whetstone strips, and finishing and grinding the surface to be honed to achieve the desired processing effect. Therefore, for the honing tube obtained by honing by the honing machine, the diameter of the inner hole is generally in the range of 5 to 500 mm.


2. In the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders, is there any honing process? In addition, can the honing tube be used as a cylinder tube?

In the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders, there is a honing process. The main operation is to grind the inner hole in order to obtain the desired size. The honing tube can be used as a cylinder tube, but if it is turned upside down, it is not true, because the cylinder tube, in addition to the honing tube, can also have other types.


3. What is the surface roughness of the honing tube?

The website product and keywords of the honing tube, in terms of surface roughness, is generally Ra0.4, and this is also a basic requirement that must be met. If you want to improve it, you can use fine sandpaper, or use mirror processing equipment to make it mirror-finished, so as to achieve the purpose.


The above questions are all about honing tubes, and specific answers are given so that everyone can learn through learning to understand clearly and have a correct understanding. In this way, mistakes can be avoided, and then, the use and utilization of products can be improved to improve their effectiveness.