Installation precautions for honed tube for hydraulic cylinder

- Aug 12, 2019-

About the installation of the honed tube for hydraulic cylinder: The cylinder tube is a kind of pipeline product commonly used in hydraulic machinery. The problem that should be paid attention to in the installation of the hydraulic cylinder tube is that everyone needs to pay attention to it. The design and use of the hydraulic cylinder tube is correct or not. Directly affect its performance and easy failure. In this regard, often encountered hydraulic cylinder tube improper installation, piston rod with eccentric load, hydraulic cylinder tube or piston sagging and piston rod pressure rod instability. Therefore, when designing the hydraulic cylinder tube, you must pay attention to the following points:


1. Try to make the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder tube bear the maximum load under tension, or have good stability under pressure.


2. Consider the braking problem at the end of the hydraulic cylinder tube stroke and the exhaust problem of the hydraulic cylinder tube. If there is no buffer device and exhaust device in the cylinder, there must be corresponding measures in the system, but not all hydraulic cylinder tubes must be Consider these issues.


3. Correctly determine the installation and fixing method of the hydraulic cylinder tube. If the piston rod that is subjected to bending cannot be threaded, it must be connected with a stop. The hydraulic cylinder tube cannot be positioned with keys or pins at both ends. It can only be positioned at one end. It does not hinder its expansion when heated. For example, the impact load compresses the piston rod. The positioning member must be placed at the end of the piston rod, and if it is stretched, it is placed at the cylinder end.


4. The structure of each part of the hydraulic cylinder tube should be designed according to the recommended structural form and design standard. As far as possible, the structure is simple, compact, convenient for processing, assembly and maintenance.


5. Under the condition of ensuring the movement stroke and load force, the contour size of the hydraulic cylinder tube should be reduced as much as possible.


6. To ensure reliable sealing and good dustproof. The reliable sealing of hydraulic cylinder tube is an important factor for its normal operation. If the leakage is serious, it will not only reduce the working efficiency of the hydraulic cylinder tube, but even make it unable to work normally. And speed requirements, etc. Good dust protection measures help to improve the working life of hydraulic cylinder tubes.