Machining precision and advantages of honed pipe

- Jun 06, 2018-

The precision of honed pipe is high in the process of machining. To a certain extent, especially some small and medium size optical through-holes, generally, the cylinder can reach within 0.001mm. The honed accuracy is higher than that of grinding, and the surface quality of the honed pipe is good. To a certain extent, the surface of the honed pipe is intersected.

Honed tube to a certain extent can have higher surface bearing, mainly because to a certain extent, can withstand larger wear resistance and load, thus advances the service life of the product, honed speed is low and sharpening stone and hole surface contact, so each abrasive particle uniform grinding pressure is small, such artifacts calorific value is small, the surface almost no heat damage and metamorphic layer, little deformation.

Honed tube processing surface is almost won't appear the extrusion hard layer and sand, embedded in the production process of the grinding ratio of honed cutting pressure big, when used in its grinding tool and workpiece is line contact, to a certain extent, there will be a higher relative speed, and can produce high temperature in the local area, will lead to permanent damage parts surface structure.

Honed tube in the process of its main principle is effective in the process of using its installed in one or more oil stone on the honed head circumference of a circle, in a certain extent, mainly by rolling out institutions will oil stone along the radial rolling out, make its pressure to the workpiece hole wall, in order to produce certain surface contact. At the same time, the honed head rotates and reciprocates, the parts do not move, or the honed head only rotates, the workpiece reciprocates, so as to realize honed.

Honed tube in the process of making the honed head and spindle or between honed head and between the workholder is floating, so in the process of processing the honed head with workpiece hole wall as the guidance, this product machining accuracy is affected by the precision of the machine itself will be relatively small, when making use of the holes on the surface of the formed basically has the characteristics of creation.

The honed process is that the honed pipe is formed on the surface of the hole wall and the stone wall by grinding and repairing each other. The principle is similar to that of two planar moving plates colliding with each other to form a plane. When the honed head rotation and reciprocating motion or honed honed head rotating workpiece reciprocating motion, make the machined surface formation of cross helical cutting trajectory, and within each reciprocating stroke time honed head of revolution is not the integer, and between the two trips, honed head relative to the workpiece in the weeks to stagger Angle, the movement of the honed head in a hole on the wall of each trajectory will not be repeated.