Pump parts safety precautions

- Jun 05, 2018-

In the use of pump equipment, which also often need to configure the appropriate pump parts, pump parts include wear-resistant pipe, pump straight pipe, elbow, including elbow, reducer, pipe card and bolt, rubber hose, S-shaped pipe, Y-shaped pipe, sealing ring, cleaning ball, hinged elbow pipe, extended straight pipe, reel pipe, cleaning column, cleaning piston, tee pipe, globe valve, flange and wear sleeve, etc.


Then, for users, how can we use the safe and effective use of pump parts in daily work to ensure that they are not easily worn? First, the legs should be fully extended and fastened, and the boom must not be started until it is fixed. The boom can be turned after the boom is raised. The boom should extend in sequence. It is forbidden to use the spreader to lift or drag the object.


Secondly, the parking brake and locking brake in the pump accessories of the pumping device must work in coordination with each other, and ensure that the tires are wedged tightly, the water supply should be normal and the water tank should be filled with clean water, and there should be no debris inside the hopper. Lubrication points must be properly lubricated. In addition, it should be noted that the bolts of the various parts of the pumping device should be fastened, the pipe joints should be tightly sealed, and the protection equipment should be complete and stable.


Thirdly, during the operation of the pump equipment, the on-site personnel need to pay attention to monitoring various instruments and indicators at any time, and if they are found to be abnormal, adjust or handle them in time. If the delivery pipe of the pump fittings is clogged, reverse running shall be carried out to return the concrete to the hopper, and if necessary, the pipe shall be removed to remove the blockage. Keep in mind that each part is manipulated at the beginning and that adjustments to handles, handwheels, levers, and cocks must be in the correct position and the hydraulic system should be normal without leakage.


In addition, the various pump components used should be able to meet the requirements of use. In routine work, maintenance is done so that the pump parts can be effectively protected against wear and tear. What's more, it also has obvious help for the long-term stable operation of pump equipment.http://www.ht-tube.com/