Monitoring system and application requirement of welding positioner.

- Jun 04, 2018-

Displacement of welding positioner is mainly used in the process of operating the inverter stepless speed regulation, its speed control in the process of operating a wide range and high precision, when making use of its starting torque, displacement of welding positioned is mainly used to a certain extent the special design of groove type steel reinforced rubber roller surface, the entire device of high friction, long life and carrying capacity is strong.

The combined box base displacement of welding positioner, when operated in its rigidity and bearing capacity is strong, the equipment in the production process of the technology is very advanced, the shaft hole straightness and parallelism is good, in the process of operation and maximum limit reduced due to lack of manufacturing precision of workpiece up momentum. According to the diameter of the workpiece, the welding machine automatically adjusts the Angle of the roller support to meet the support and rotary drive of the workpiece with different diameter.

the monitoring system of welding positioner

Displacement of welding positioner system mainly have the monitor, camera and lighting source of several parts, in the process of operating the camera for 3 to 8 mm miniature lens (with night vision), between the aluminum foil and metal mesh double shield coaxial video CCD coupling signal transmission cable, terminal using high resolution images of the monitor.

The monitor adopts CPU control single chip microcomputer technology, video display drive amplifier circuit design, wide working voltage range, is the ideal image display equipment of the monitoring system. Cooperate with our company's cross adjustment mechanism, greatly improve the welding efficiency, improve the working environment of operators.

Composition principle and application of welding positioned

Welding manipulator when making use of displacement and welding wheel frame, welding positioned and so on, to a certain extent, effective component to its peak, fillet, both inside and outside the inner and outer ring of longitudinal seam automatic welding equipment, there are fixed type, rotary, all position structure in the form. The structure can be selected according to the needs of the user, and various welding machines can be matched, and additional tracking, swing, monitoring, flux recovery and transportation and other auxiliary functions can be added.