The advantage and load condition of the base welding positioner and double-base welding positioned

- May 28, 2018-

The base welding positioner can have a whole flip degrees of freedom, to some extent can effectively use the job turn-over to ideal welding position for welding, The base welding positioner has a rotational degree of freedom, this kind of displacement machine has series production, mainly used in some of the tube, the welding plate. The base welding positioner on both sides with the bearing slewing mechanism of the inclined shaft, in its operation as to the welding speed rotary worktable, when making use of oblique edge by sector gear or hydraulic oil cylinder, more constant speed within the range of 140 ° inclined. The machine has good stability, so it is not fixed on the ground foundation and easy to move.

Base welding positioner applicable range of 50 t artifacts flip displacement, to a certain extent, is the most widely used structure form, the operate is often used for telescopic arm type welding manipulator. A device that rotates or tilts the welding seam horizontally or shipshape through a worktable. The rotary table adopts variable frequency stepless speed regulation, and the table is driven by fan gear or hydraulic cylinder. It can be controlled in conjunction with the operator or welder. The control system can be optionally equipped with three types of configuration: key digital control, switch digital control and switch relay control. This product is used for welding various shaft, disk, cylinder and other rotating body parts. It is the most widely used structural form.

Base welding positioner can effectively according to its load is different to some extent, can be divided into a valid type deflection displacement and small type machine, is the entire device is of good stability, no fixed on the ground commonly, easy to move, production is the largest, most complete specifications, the structure of the most widely used. It is often used in cooperation with telescopic arm welding operator or arc welding robot.

To a certain extent, the double-base welding positioner machine is a transposition machine that integrates the functions of turning and turning. Flip and rotary respectively by two shaft drive, clamping workpiece workbench, besides can around its own axis rotation can also do tilt around another shaft or flip, it can adjust welding pieces of the various location of the weld to level or the "form" of easy welding position welding, suitable for framing, box, tray type and other long workpiece welding.

the double-base welding positioner to a certain extent, the whole stability is good, not only in the process of operate if the design is proper, at run time after the workpiece mounted on the workbench, at runtime the tilt movement of the center of gravity will be effective by leaning axis, or is close to that would make driving moment greatly reduce.

Therefore, this kind of structure is commonly used in heavy duty transposers. The scope of application is over 50t heavy - duty large - size workpiece reversal, mostly with large door - type welding operation machine or telescopic arm welding machine.