The welding auxiliary equipment and various self - protection function of walking welding rotator

- May 25, 2018-

Walking welding rotator is mainly used in production process of the step moving roller and adjust the roller center distance, to some extent can effectively adapt to the change of the diameter of the workpiece, when making use of the imported inverter stepless speed regulation, walking welding rotator to a certain extent, to adjust its wide range and high precision, in the startup process of the torque.

Walking welding rotator in a certain degree to fit control box operation is reliable, simple and has a variety of self protection function, to a certain extent, can effectively achieve the electrical box retention linkage interface, when use can be directly and welding manipulator control system of welding equipment such as linked, so that you can realize the linkage control set point.

Walking welding rotator is a kind of welding auxiliary equipment. During the process of operation, it is often used directly in the inner and outer ring of the cylinder and the welding of longitudinal seam inside and outside. To a certain extent, it includes the base, active roller, driven roller, bracket, transmission device, power device driver and so on.

Walking welding rotator transmission device to a certain extent valid driver driving roller, when making use of advantage of friction between the driving roller and cylinder workpiece turns the workpiece to achieve its displacement, which can realize the artifacts girth inside and outside and inside and outside the horizontal position of longitudinal seam welding, automatic welding equipment of form a complete set of automatic welding can be realized, can greatly improve the weld quality, reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency. The welding welding rotator can also be used for manual welding or as a device for testing and assembling cylinder body parts.

Walking welding rotator to a certain extent, it is very suitable for the assembly, rubber lining, welding, polishing process, in the process of use, can effectively according to the size of the cylinder and gravity adjust itself, to a certain extent, can be directly by using the artificial adjusting roller center distance, etc., and its speed control with ac frequency control of motor speed to improve the operation reliability. The company can also design and customize other types of rollers according to the needs of users.

Fixed on the fixed installation has driven welding rotator, and the fixed seat is located in the driven welding rotator on one side of the walking installation has a driving welding rotator, the other side of the walking set in turn jack-up walking wheel frame, with the top welding rotator. Described in the group of the welding welding rotator structure is simple, easy to implement, and through the top of the hydraulic cylinder can be convenient to adjust the height of the pipe, and the level of the hydraulic cylinder can be convenient to adjust the distance between two pipes, and gives some reasonable set of artifacts of the welding position, convenient operation, simple.