Main features and uses of precision seamless steel honing pipe

- Aug 06, 2019-

Precision seamless steel honing pipe features:


The inner and outer walls of the steel pipe have high precision and high smoothness. After heat treatment, the steel pipe has no oxide layer, the inner wall has high cleanliness, the steel pipe is subjected to high pressure, the cold bending is not deformed, the flaring is not flat, and the crack is flat. The color of the steel pipe is bright in the white and has a high metal. luster.


The use of precision seamless steel honing pipe:


It is used in machinery such as automobiles and machinery parts that have high requirements on the accuracy and smoothness of steel pipes. Precision steel pipe users are not only users with high requirements on precision and smoothness. Because precision seamless steel pipes have high precision and tolerances can be maintained at 2--8 wires, many machining users save labor, materials and time. Seamless steel tubes or round steels are slowly being transformed into precision seamless steel tubes.