Main purpose and skill points of welding positioner

- Aug 03, 2019-

The welding positioner is mainly used to correct the position of the weldment to achieve the required welding precision. In China, the welding positioner is already an indispensable welding machine for the manufacturing industry, mainly in the machinery industry. The scope is more extensive.


People who are not familiar with welding positioners may find the welding positioner useless, but the use of welding positioners in the country or in the international community has been extensive. The universal and efficient welding positioner is mainly a welding equipment that realizes the circumferential seam welding. It can be combined with some welding machine power supplies such as argon arc welding machine, gas metal arc welding machine and plasma welding machine, and other machines to form an automated welding system. The welding positioner is mainly composed of a rotating head and a displacement mechanism and a controller. The rotation speed of the rotating machine head can be adjusted by itself. It has an independent speed control circuit, and the dial switch can directly set the weld length of the initial value. The angle of inclination can be adjusted according to the needs of the weldment, and the welding gun can also be pneumatically lifted and lowered.


The welding positioner is attributed to a welding machine that is very efficient and suitable for any raw material and job request. For example, with the help of a welding positioner, we can weld the ring seam of any type of workpiece and carry out the welding operation. In order to ensure a good welding effect, the welding positioner can also be used in conjunction with some other welding pens, such as argon arc welding machines that can be filled or not filled. Or it is a welding operation with some gas-fired gas maintenance welders. When welding is performed, we can combine the power supplies of these different types of welding machines, so that these devices constitute an active welding. Operating welding system.