Mechanical structure and utilization rate of cold drawn steel pipe

- Jun 17, 2019-

For cold drawn steel pipes, in order to obtain seamless pipes of smaller size and better quality, cold rolling, cold drawing or a combination of the two must be used in the operation. Cold rolling is usually carried out on a two-roll mill in which the steel pipe is rolled in an annular hole type composed of a variable-section circular hole groove and a stationary tapered head. Cold drawing is usually carried out on a single-chain or double-chain cold drawing machine of 0.5 to 100T.


The cold drawn steel pipe is produced by drawing, extrusion, perforating, etc., and the entire steel pipe has no seams on the surface of the steel pipe. It is a circular, square, rectangular steel with a hollow section and no seams around it. The steel tube or the solid tube blank is made into a capillary tube by perforation, and then made by cold dialing.


Cold drawn steel pipe is a precision cold drawn seamless pipe for mechanical structure, hydraulic equipment with high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish. The use of precision seamless pipes to manufacture mechanical structures or hydraulic equipment can greatly save machining time, improve material utilization, and improve product quality.


High-quality carbon structural steel cold-discharge seamless pipe, mainly made of 10 and 20 steel, in addition to ensuring chemical composition and mechanical properties, hydraulic pressure test, crimping, flaring, flattening and other tests.