Motor drive and flip angle of welding positioner

- Oct 15, 2018-

The frame of the welding positioner is welded by steel and steel plates. It has reasonable design structure, good bending resistance and anti-distortion ability. It is an important bearing component for welding and the slewing mechanism is mainly operated by rotation. Taiwan, transmission mechanism and other components.


The table top of the welding positioner has a circular structure. When the operation is performed, the annular positioning line with uniform spacing is processed and a radioactive T-shaped groove is formed, which facilitates the centering of the workpiece and can conveniently install various positioning and Clamp the tooling. The table is fixed on the drive shaft to ensure smooth rotation under rated load.


The turning of the table of the welding positioner is also driven by an AC motor. When the operation is performed, the gear of the output end of the worm gear reducer can be meshed with the semi-circular toothed disc to drive the turning of the turning mechanism. The braking of the table during the turning process is ensured by the self-locking performance of the worm gear reducer itself, ensuring accurate parking position of the turning mechanism.


The welding positioner can be equipped with a conductive device under the workbench, so that a good welding ground conductive loop can be formed. A flip angle pointer is provided on the rotary shaft to facilitate adjustment of the table flip angle. The positioner interlocking interface of the positioner can be combined with the operating machine and the welding machine to form a welding center.