Overall market status of high precision cold drawn tubes

- May 19, 2020-

The overall market for high-precision cold-drawn tubes is basically in a stable state. The market for high-precision cold-drawn tubes has not changed much, and prices have increased slightly in individual regions. The overall market in East China remained stable, and the market in North China remained strong, with high quality still favored. Most of the resources came from other provinces and prices remained high.

At present, the current price difference of the high-precision cold-drawn tube is gradually widening, and the price is continuously rising. However, the price of scrap steel has not increased significantly recently. For this reason, the steel companies have maintained an increase in usage. As much as three times, it can be seen that the demand for steel companies is large, and there is an inventory phenomenon. Therefore, due to the increase in stocks in the factory, the recent high-precision cold-drawn tube prices have been weak, and the overall market is basically in a relatively low level. Steady state.

Overall, it is expected that the market for high-precision cold-drawn tubes will maintain a consolidation in the short term, waiting for a rise.