Overpressure protection and storage function of the welding roller frame

- Mar 21, 2019-

In the process of operation, the welding roller frame automatically adjusts the swing angle of the wheel set according to the diameter of the workpiece, and can automatically adjust the center. When matched with the welding machine and the welding power source, the inner and outer longitudinal seams of the workpiece and the inner and outer ring seams can be realized. welding.

The welding roller frame has low transmission noise and stable workpiece rotation, so that the cylindrical cylinder can be welded, polished, lined and assembled in a certain degree, and the roller speed should be stable and uniform. No crawling is allowed.

The welding roller frame must have over-voltage protection to a certain extent, and its self-protection function has a fault display and storage function to a certain extent, automatic air switch short-circuit protection, and preset parameters. Appropriate adjustment of the height of the main and driven rollers can also be carried out for the assembly and welding of cones and segmented unequal-diameter rotors.

For some non-circular long weldments, they are stuck in a special annular clamp and can also be welded on the welding roller frame. The self-adjusting roller frame adopts digital adjustment and display technology for the rotation speed of the roller. The setting of the welding speed is very intuitive and accurate, and the operation difficulty of the worker is reduced.www.ht-tube.com