Overview of main performance of tube welding positioner

- Jul 30, 2019-

Main performance of tube welding positioner:


1. Rack: Steel welded structure with four anchor bolts to fix the whole equipment.


2. Roller rotation mechanism: The variable speed speed control motor drives the speed reduction mechanism to shift, and the two active rollers rotate by the gear transmission.


3. Clamping lifting mechanism: After the motor drives the reduction gearbox to decelerate, the screw rod rotates to drive the clamping arm (and the passive pressing roller on the arm) to move up and down. A compression overload protection device is installed in the transmission chain to prevent motor drive overload. A passive conductive roller is mounted on the passive compression roller.


4. Tilting mechanism: driven by the motor with brake, through the reduction gearbox, fan gear and other reduction drive, the roller box seat is tilted by two-way 0~45° with the bearing housings at both ends as the center.


5. Electrical control: It consists of electric control box, hand controller, foot controller, etc. The electric control box is equipped with automatic welding electric control interface, which can be connected with welding operation machine for automatic welding.