Price trend of Precision Honed Tube For Hydraulic Cylinder

- Oct 25, 2020-

Downstream purchases tend to wait and see, but in terms of early transactions, there are few inquiries and the market does not have the usual lively atmosphere on Mondays. As a result, some businesses have begun to loosen up to promote transactions. In addition, according to feedback from downstream users, some specifications of market resources are in short supply. However, this week, merchants have continued to replenish the database, and the resources are short or improved. At present, the purchasing wait-and-see atmosphere is strong, the business transactions are sluggish, and the weather conditions this week are not very good, and the business mentality is weak. In the near future, the price of construction steel in Shanghai may be stable, and operation must be cautious. The market demand still slowed down last weekend. Although the weather has gradually warmed up, the deserted steel market has not been effectively relieved. The current market prices are still running steadily, and the price of honing pipes is relatively negative for the current merchants.