The supply pressure of the Honed Tube For Hydraulic Cylinder is constantly increasing

- Oct 21, 2020-

The continuous increase in internal inventories of key domestic steel companies is constantly reminding the market that the supply pressure of honing pipes is constantly increasing.

The forward prices of steel futures are also weakly consolidating. Most steel traders are cautious and wait and see, and leading domestic steel mills are also very cautious in the new round of ex-factory pricing. The expected "peak season" market in the steel market seems to have basically failed. According to the latest market report provided by "My Steel", a well-known domestic steel information organization, in the first trading week after the National Day, the prices of major varieties in the domestic steel spot market fluctuate mainly within a narrow range. Considering that crude steel production remains high, the steel market will continue to operate under pressure in the short term; however, the increase in social stocks of steel during the festival is limited, and there is not much room for decline. According to analysis, in the plate market, prices have generally fallen. Compared with the last week before the holiday, the decline in domestic plate prices has significantly narrowed.