Principle of setting constant pressure for honing pipe

- Apr 20, 2020-

In the shedding and cutting stage of honing tube processing, when the constant pressure honing started, due to the roughness of the hole wall, the contact area between the oil stone and the hole wall was small, and the contact pressure was large. The protruding part of the hole wall was quickly worn away. Due to the high contact pressure on the surface of the whetstone and the abrasion of the whetstone on the whetstone binder, the bond strength of the abrasive particles and the binder is reduced. Therefore, some abrasive particles fall off by themselves under the action of the cutting pressure, and the whetstone surface is exposed to new Abrasive grains, which means that the whetstone is self-sharpening.

In the crushing and cutting stage, as honing progresses, the surface of the hole becomes brighter and lighter, the area of contact with the oil stone becomes larger and larger, the contact pressure per unit area decreases, and the cutting efficiency decreases. At the same time, the cutting chips are small and fine, and these chips have little wear on the binder. Therefore, there is little shedding of oilstone abrasive grains. At this time, the grinding is not by new abrasive grains, but by the abrasive grain ends. Therefore, the load at the end of the abrasive grain is very large, and the abrasive grain is easily broken and broken to form a new cutting edge. When honing continues, the contact area between the whetstone and the surface of the hole becomes larger and larger, and fine chips accumulate between the whetstone and the hole wall, which is not easy to be discharged, causing the whetstone to block and become very smooth. Therefore, the whetstone cutting ability is low, which is equivalent to polishing. If the honing is continued, the whetstone will be seriously clogged and sticky clogging will occur. The whetstone will lose its cutting ability and heat up seriously, and its hole accuracy and surface roughness will be affected. At this time, honing should be ended as soon as possible.