Production characteristics and use advantages of cold drawn tubes

- Apr 26, 2018-

In the process of use, the cold drawing tube is generally used in the structure of the mechanism and the hydraulic equipment, to a certain extent, the seamless steel pipe with high precision and good surface finish. In small and medium construction projects, the use of mechanical structure or hydraulic equipment is essential, and the cold drawing precision steel pipe can greatly reduce the machining time, improve the utilization of material, reduce the cost of construction, and improve the quality of the product.

To some extent, the size accuracy of the cold drawn tube is smaller and the quality of the seamless steel tube is better. Cold rolling, cold drawing or combination of them must be adopted to a certain extent. Cold rolling usually causes the steel tube to be rolled in the circular groove formed by the circular hole of the cross section and the tapered plug. The cold drawn steel pipe is carried out on the 0.5~100T single chain or double chain cold drawing machine.

Advantages of cold drawn tubes

The outer diameter of the cold drawn tube is smaller than the ordinary steel pipe, the precision is higher, the performance is superior, the precision of the finished product is high, the surface quality of the steel tube is good, the steel pipe cross area is more complex, and the small batch production can be carried out. Compared with ordinary steel pipe, the biggest advantage of cold drawn precision steel pipe is welded joint, which can bear greater pressure.

Because of the good mechanical properties and excellent economic and technical value of high precision cold drawn tubes, high precision cold drawn tubes are used in more than 80% cylinder cylinders in the developed countries of the world. The use of high precision cold drawn tubes to make cylinder and roller is the only way for China's hydraulic and pneumatic industries to meet the international standards.

Production characteristics of cold drawn tubes

1. high productivity: it takes 154 hours to produce an inner diameter of 420 millimeters and 12 meters of cylinder by traditional way, and only 4 minutes by cold drawing.

2. high rate: due to the rolling head and guiding role of boring, in the process of cutting, the blank tube due to self weight deflection, resulting in rolling head and boring cutter deviation, resulting in waste. The rate of authentic products can only reach about 60%, while the quality of products can reach more than 95% by cold drawing.

3. metal utilization rate is high: the traditional boring method is used to make the cylinder block, and the metal utilization rate is only 50-70%. When drawing, the metal can not only be cut into iron, but can be extended by 30%, and the utilization rate of metal can reach 95%.