Production process of cold drawn steel pipe

- Jun 11, 2020-

Cold-drawn steel pipe, cold-rolled steel pipe unit is a complete set of equipment for the production of pipes by cold processing methods of cold rolling, cold drawing or a combination of cold rolling and cold drawing.

A unit for deep processing of hot rolled tubes or welded tubes.

Choose different processing methods and corresponding auxiliary procedures according to the metal processing performance, pipe size, quality requirements, investment and benefits. The basic processes of cold-rolled and cold-drawn tubes are: (1) tube material supply, the tube materials used are hot-rolled finished or semi-finished tubes, extruded tubes and welded tubes; (2) tube material preparation, including inspection, bundling, acid Washing, cleaning, rinsing, neutralizing, drying, applying lubricants, etc .; (3) Cold working (cold rolling or cold drawing); (4) Finishing of finished products including heat treatment, straightening, sampling, cutting head and tail, inspection of finished products ( Manual inspection and various flaw detection), hydraulic test, oiling, packaging, storage, etc. Different products have different finishing contents.