Reasons for scratches on honing and rolling pipes

- Jan 31, 2021-

Honing, it is mainly used for the processing of apertures, usually cylindrical holes, such as cylinder barrels, valve holes, connecting rod holes and box holes, etc. The processing size is generally 5-500mm, or even larger. And under certain conditions, it can also process the outer circle, flat surface, spherical surface and tooth surface, etc., and its surface roughness can reach Ra0.32—0.08 microns. If precision honing is performed, it can reach Ra0.04 microns or less. Therefore, this processing method seems to be used very much at present, and the equipment used is generally a honing machine.

(1) If the honing and rolling tube is scratched, what is the main reason?

Answer: If the honing rolling tube is scratched, there are three main reasons: the material problem of the workpiece itself, the problem of the honing rod or the honing head, and the problem of the honing fluid of the machine tool. As for the specifics, we will not analyze it in detail here. .

(2) Can the honing rolled tube be used directly after welding?

Answer: The honing and rolling pipe cannot be used directly after welding, because this will cause various problems.

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