Relationship between E355 honed tube and hydraulic equipment

- Jul 24, 2019-

The E355 honed tube is a part of the hydraulic equipment, so its installation is also a major project in the equipment assembly. The quality of the honing pipe and the quality of the installation will affect the working performance of the hydraulic system. In order to make the honing pipe produced by ourselves to be used for good purposes, the honing pipe manufacturer shared some experience in piping management, hoping to help.


Regardless of whether it is the pipe or the pipe of the honing pipe, it must be carried out on the basis of the hydraulic principle, and the various accessories required, such as pipe joints, flanges, etc., can be selected based on this. There is a basic principle when piping is required to be observed, that is, the arrangement and orientation of the honing pipe are kept neat and consistent.


Whether the honing pipes are parallel or cross-over, they should maintain a certain gap. It is most reasonable to control above 10mm. If the required length of the honing pipe is long, the emphasis is on its rigidity and vibration resistance. If necessary, the bracket and pipe clamp are also required to ensure the stability of the honing pipe in the hydraulic system.