Repair method for surface defects of honing pipe

- Jul 10, 2019-

Repair method for surface defects of honing pipe:


1. Increase the amount of cold drawing deformation


Increasing the cold drawing deformation times and increasing the total deformation amount can achieve the purpose of reducing the pitting depth and reducing the honing grinding allowance.


2, preferably hot rolled tube blank


Cold-drawn pipe pitting defects are caused by hot-rolled pipes. Therefore, by selecting hot-rolled pipes with small degree of corrosion and uniform wall thickness, pitting defects can be reduced and the yield of cylinders can be improved.


3, hot rolling pipe hole defect cleaning


According to the data analysis, Japan, Germany and other enterprises produce cold-drawn tubes. Before cold drawing, the hot-rolled tubes are tested for flaws and internal surface defects are cleaned, so that the inner holes of the cold-drawn tubes are free from defects such as pitting, which reduces production costs and improves production. effectiveness.