Rolled Tube advantages and production efficiency

- Nov 17, 2018-

In order to improve the quality, expand the type standard and improve the unit productivity, the thick-rolled rolled pipe should be further deformed after the homogenization of the hot-rolled thick-walled rolling pipe. To this end, two processing methods and three kinds of rolling mill methods, which are basically similar to the deformation principle, are known, namely, the processing method of the sizing and reducing of the rolling tube, and the corresponding sizing machine, reducing machine and tension reducing machine.


The sizing machine is intended to roll the uniformed rolling tube into a round and accurate finished tube, and the outer diameter of the rolling tube is reduced to a small extent. The effect of the reducer is mainly to reduce the diameter, and the tension reducer can not only reduce the diameter, but also reduce the wall.

Advantages of rolling tube

1. Rolling tube increases surface hardness: surface hardness increases by more than 50%

2. Processing accuracy can reach IT8 level, surface roughness can reach Ra0.05-0.4μm

3. Working environment: low noise, no pollution, saving labor costs.