Welding positioner and memory storage function of Welding positionerer

- Nov 09, 2018-

The hand drive motor of the Welding positionerer is a 57 stepping motor with high precision, high torque and good control performance. The motor is equipped with a reduction gear box to drive the large and small gears to rotate, achieving 360 degree rotation of the table top. The electric control part of the Welding positionerer is realized by plc programming, the parameters are set by the touch screen, the function is powerful, various programs can be customized according to the customer, and 10 sets of programs can be pre-stored.


The Welding positionerer may set the welding speed and the welding angle. The equipment has the functions of arcing and arc-receiving to a certain extent. After the Welding positionerer works, the welding torch first starts the arc and automatically welds the positioner. After the welding workpiece is completed, The Welding positionerer stops first, then the welding torch is closed, and multiple welding guns can be synchronized at the same time.


The welding method of the Welding positionerer is divided into continuous welding and spot welding. Continuous welding refers to the continuous welding at any angle. Spot welding refers to the angle at which the welding can be set after the angle is set after the welding angle is set.

The welding rotation angle can be set without limit, and the small Welding positionerer can be set arbitrarily and counterclockwise.


The controller of the Welding positionerer is provided with a memory storage function. After setting various parameters, the automatic memory extraction is not required to be set up next time. The product has anti-electromagnetic interference design, which can effectively reduce high-frequency interference during welding such as argon arc welding. The whole equipment has the function of linkage with the welding machine, and can be used together with the welding robot and precision welding to realize linkage control.http://www.ht-tube.com/