Roller frame bottom cleaning skills and operational requirements

- Oct 09, 2018-

The Welding rotator needs to effectively check whether the external environment of the welding machine meets the requirements, no interference of debris, its energized air operation, no abnormal noise, vibration and odor, and whether the bolts of the mechanical connection of the Welding rotator are loose or not. Loose, can be used after tightening, check if there is any debris on the machine guide rail, and the hydraulic system is running normally.

Roller frame bottom cleaning tips

1. Prepare a dedicated roller frame washer.

2. Remove the bracket wheel and other disassembly parts of the tube wheel before cleaning.

3. Put the disassembled parts in the container, add professional cleaning agent and water in proportion to 1:5, and carry out simple cleaning, pay attention to not too long.

4. Use a clean cloth to rub a 5 to 5 cleaning agent, wipe the entire roller frame, clean and remove surface stains.

5. After all the parts have been cleaned, wipe them off with a dry rag, then pour the original curing agent to wipe the surface of the roller frame.

6. Finally, install all the disassembled.