The role and application of cold drawn tube solution treatment

- Oct 09, 2018-

The surface quality, appearance and dimensional accuracy of the cold drawn tube are higher than that of the hot-rolled sheet. The product is relatively thin, so it is favored by a wide range of users. The cold-rolled steel coil is used as the substrate for deep processing of the product and becomes a high value-added product. . Such as electro-galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, fingerprint-resistant electro-galvanized, color-coated steel coils and vibration-damping composite steel sheets, etc., so that these products have good quality, high corrosion resistance and other excellent quality. The cold rolled steel coil is subjected to finishing after annealing, including cutting, tailing, trimming, leveling, leveling, rewinding, or longitudinal shearing. Cold drawn tubes are used in automotive manufacturing, home appliances, instrument switches, construction, office furniture and other industries.

High-precision cold drawn tube solution treatment

1. Make the structure and composition of the high-precision cold-drawn tube uniform, which is very important for the raw materials, because the rolling temperature and cooling rate of each section of the hot-rolled pipe are different, resulting in inconsistent structure. At high temperatures, atomic activity increases, the σ phase dissolves, the chemical composition tends to be uniform, and a uniform single-phase structure is obtained after cooling.

2. Eliminate work hardening to facilitate continued cold processing. Through the solution treatment, the lattice recovery of the twist, the elongated and broken crystal grains recrystallize, the internal stress is eliminated, the tensile strength of the steel wire is lowered, and the elongation is increased.