Self-protection function and welding quality of welding positioner

- Oct 08, 2018-

The welding positioner will have good power connection, water connection, gas connection facilities, heat conduction and ventilation during the process of use. The whole structure of the welding positioner should have good airtightness to avoid welding spatter damage. The slag, the coating, etc. scattered on it should be easily removed.


The machine of the welding positioner should have the linkage control interface and the corresponding self-protection function to centrally control and coordinate the movements. The work surface should be engraved with the installation baseline, and various positioning workpieces and clamping mechanisms. It also serves as the impact resistance of the weldment displacement mechanical for assembly. It is equipped with mounting slots for easy strength and impact resistance according to its work surface.


Welding positioner is mainly used for welding parts of electronic plasma arc welding, laser welding and brazing, and electron beam welding. It should meet the special requirements of conduction, magnetic isolation and insulation during operation. . The welding positioner has changed its performance, which may require vertical welding, overhead welding, etc., which are difficult to ensure the welding quality. This ensures the quality of the weld and increases the welding productivity and the safety of the production process.