Advantages of rolling tube and normal maintenance

- Oct 06, 2018-

When the rolling pipe is working, some mechanical energy is converted into heat energy, so the user needs to check the oil temperature change at the right time. When the rolling pipe is initially operated, the piston of the rolling pipe should be free to run for a short period of time without load. The main operating medium in the rolling tube is liquid oil, so it is required to keep the oil clean.

The normal operation of the rolling tube requires manual maintenance. When using it, read the instructions carefully before using it.

What are the advantages of rolling tube compared with honing tube?

1. The processing time of the rolling tube is greatly shortened, and the mass production is faster.

2. The straightness and precision of the rolling tube are greatly improved compared with the honing tube.

3. The surface hardness of the rolling tube is higher than that of the honing tube, which increases the service life.