Rolling tube processing efficiency and main features

- Jan 07, 2019-

Rolling tube composite processing technology, the reciprocating rolling function can be completed once and for all. The machining accuracy can reach IT8, and the surface roughness can reach Ra005-0.2μm. It is mainly used for the inner hole finishing of hydraulic cylinders. Compared with the traditional honing machine, this equipment has the advantages of low noise and no pollution, and can save labor cost and high processing efficiency.

Second, the main features of the rolling tube

1. Improve surface roughness and roughness can basically meet the requirements.

2. Correct the roundness, the ellipticity can be ≤0.01mm.

3. Improve the surface hardness, eliminate the deformation of the force, and increase the hardness.

4. There is residual stress layer after processing to increase fatigue strength by 30%.

5, improve the quality of the coordination, reduce wear and extend the life of the parts, but the processing costs of the parts are reduced.

The processing time of the rolling tube is greatly shortened, and mass production is faster. The straightness and precision of the rolling tube are greatly improved compared to the honing tube. The surface hardness of the rolling tube is higher than that of the honing tube, which increases the service