Sand bar running and honing efficiency of rolled tube

- Apr 27, 2019-

The rolled tube will have a sand bar when it is working, and a lot of abrasive grains will be placed on the sanding bar. If the abrasive grains are given enough pressure, the rolled tube will be at a certain speed and then the surface of the workpiece will be carried out. friction. Such extrusion and hanging side can reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece finely.

There is also the fact that the abrasive grains form a certain trajectory on the surface when the sand bars are running and moving up and down. The cutting speed of the honing pipe is relatively low, which can greatly improve the efficiency of honing.

How to improve the accuracy of the sizing scale of the rolled tube

Longitudinal rolling or cross-rolling of a small amount of deformation without a mandrel on a rolled tube on a vertical rolling or cross-rolling sizing machine, in order to obtain a predetermined outer diameter size of the rolled tube. The number of longitudinal rolling sizing machines is generally 5 to 12, mostly two-roll continuous rolling mills with separate driving. The working frame is arranged at 45 degrees from the ground plane, and the adjacent frames are arranged at 90 degrees. Increasing the number of sizing racks can expand product specifications and bring convenience to production. The cross-rolling sizing is carried out on a two-roll or three-roll sizing machine, and is generally arranged in a three-rolled cross-rolling tube unit. Compared with the vertical rolling sizing, the rolled tube with the slanted rolling diameter has high outer diameter precision, small ovality, and is convenient for changing specifications. It is not necessary to change the roll, as long as the roll spacing is adjusted.

After the homogenization of the hot-rolled thick-walled rolled tube, in order to improve the quality, expand the type standard and improve the unit productivity, the thick-walled rolled tube should be further deformed. To this end, two processing methods and three kinds of rolling mill methods, which are basically similar to the deformation principle, are known, namely, the processing method of the sizing and reducing of the rolled tube, and the corresponding sizing machine, reducing machine and tension reducing machine.