Speed adjustment and installation of the Turning roll

- Nov 02, 2018-

To a certain extent, the Turning roll mainly refers to the friction force of the welding element and the active roller, so that the rotation of the circular welding member can be effectively driven, so that the welding of the annular welding seam can be completed, and the welding speed can be adjusted. Adjusted by the active roller speed on the roller carriage. The rollers should always be on the same axis, making the workpiece less prone to deformation and slippage when rotated. The adjustable Turning roll has three types: manual screw adjustable, manual bolt shift and electric slide shift. Different diameter cylinders are available by adjusting the center distance of the rollers.

Turning roll installation requirements

1. Arrangement of the Turning roll: Pay attention to the length of the roller and the main pipe. The base needs to be kept parallel to the ground. Thoroughly clean the bottom before placing it, so that impurities can be mixed.

2. After the Turning roll is arranged, start installing the universal wheel, insert the wheel into the card according to the gear port of the bracket, then rotate it 90 degrees clockwise and tighten it.

3. The bracket is fixed and fixed so that the vertical position of the bracket can be maintained. The angle of the bracket can be adjusted by fine-tuning the handle, and the steel structure connector can be correctly installed. The external body is tightened with a 24MM six-port nut.

In the safety process, the Turning roll needs to be remembered to be powered off. It is necessary to complete all the operations before the operation. When installing the casters, the buckle must be placed vertically against the gear port. The casters and the platform maintain a vertical plane. When the test is started, first turn on the safety device and then turn on the power to keep the working environment dry.http://www.ht-tube.com/