The 15T welding positioner is indispensable to the welding industry

- Jun 12, 2019-

The development of 15T welding positioner technology is generally two directions from a macro perspective. First, from the quality control of the welding process, such as improving the accuracy of the weld tracking track, and improving the welding quality from the perspective of the welding process. The second is the expansion of the working ability of the positioner. The positioner belongs to this category. In essence, the positioner is an extension of the joint freedom of the positioner and an extension of the working space.


The application of the positioner makes the operation flexibility of the single positioner stronger, and the size of the welded workpiece is theoretically no longer limited by the working space of the robot itself. The appearance of the positioner largely compensates for the limitations of past welding operations. It can be said that the positioner has become a new fulcrum for the positioner to break through its limitations.


For a long time, due to the differences in the level of manufacturing development and the weak research, there is no specific study to date to define the definition and classification of welding positioners. Therefore, their titles and functional classifications are also different. To this end, we need to give the welding positioner a professional definition, that is, the equipment used to drag the workpiece to be welded and move the weld to the ideal position for welding.


Specifically, the welding positioner can be moved by the returning position or the linear displacement, so that the weld to be welded at any position of the workpiece can be quickly changed into the welding of the ship's foot and the flat welding by the flat welding according to the specific welding needs. The work has changed the welding work that may require vertical welding, overhead welding, etc., which are difficult to guarantee the welding quality.