The basic type of welding positioner

- May 30, 2019-

The basic types of commonly used manual welding positioners are: reach arm type, tilt reverse type and double column single reverse type. Because of the constraint of the degree of freedom of reversal, these kinds of positioners can not achieve the arbitrary rotation of the workpiece to be welded in the space, and can not make the various types of welds rotate to the best position required. At one time, our factory also introduced a variety of welding positioners from various places, but the use of the site was not convenient and then screened, and the investment was high. In order to develop suitable positioner, after years of work internship, research and analysis, the primary idea is to inspire the layout welding robot introduced from abroad. The welding positioner equipped on the welding robot is leading in type and is suitable for the welding of the layout parts of the domestic construction machinery industry. According to the field application experience, the analysis of the welding positioner and the methods of several kinds of positioners are introduced. for reference only.


1. The meaning of welding positioner using engineering machinery layout parts


The layout parts of excavators, road rollers, loaders and other construction machinery are mostly messy and are the most important components of the whole machine. The quality of the welding directly affects the function of the whole machine. Select appropriate displacement function to advance welding quality and production power, reduce labor intensity and production cost of workers, strengthen safety and civilized production, and facilitate on-site management. In particular, the impact of the WTO, the competition in the construction machinery market will become more and more fierce, domestic companies need to get used to the situation, through the welding positioner and other equipment to invest in the innovation of production capacity.


2. Selection of welding parts for layout parts


1 Select the appropriate welding positioner according to the layout characteristics of the welding layout. For example, the rear frame of the loader and the roller frame can be double-column single reverse type. The front frame of the loader can be L-shaped double reverse type, and the loader bucket welding positioner can be described as C-type double reverse type. , Excavator frame, boom, etc. can be used in two-seat head and tail double reverse type. For some small assembly weldments, you can select the seat type universal positioner that has been serialized on the market.


2 According to the condition of the welding work of the craft, the selected welding displacement function turns the weld of the welded workpiece to a flat welding or ship welding orientation to prevent vertical welding and overhead welding to ensure the welding quality.


3Select a welding positioner with good opening and easy operation, and a compact layout and small footprint. The working height of the workers is as low as possible, safe and reliable. The tooling description is to think about the convenience of the workpiece loading.


4 Construction machinery Large-scale welding layout The positioner of the positioner has a high welding height, and the worker can perform the welding method by the heightening method. The selection of the welding ascending ladder directly affects the application of the welding positioner. For the height condition, a small fixed climbing ladder, a three-dimensional or two-dimensional mechanical electronically controlled active moving welding lifting platform can be used.