The characteristics and uses of the cylinder tube

- Mar 24, 2021-

Pneumatic component tube; inner and outer roughness can reach Ra0.1-0.4, inner and outer diameter tolerance zone can reach 0.02mm ; the inner and outer surfaces have no defects such as pressure pits, scratches, peeling, cracks, etc., no oil stains, oil dirt and debris. Material: 304 , 304L , 316L , 2205 , 310S , product usage : This series of products are special pipe specifications for qigong, hydraulic pressure, solenoid valves, electrical components, cotton spinning wings, chemical fiber hot boxes, instrumentation, medical equipment and other mechanical components From Φ6 to Φ400mm, the wall thickness is 0.5-20mm . Product use: suitable for cylinder barrels. Pneumatic components and other fields . The use of stainless steel for the cylinder tube has the characteristics of small product design and long service life. Because stainless steel has high strength and corrosion resistance, compared with aluminum, iron and other materials, due to its high strength and non-magnetic, it can be designed to be lighter and thinner than aluminum and iron, which can reduce the size and weight of the product. It is more used for mini cylinders. . is the preferred lightweight automation equipment.