The cylinder tube in the processing technology requirements

- Mar 22, 2020-

The requirements for the processing technology of cylinder tubes are mainly processed by cold drawing and hot rolling. A high-precision steel tube material, because precision steel tubes do not have any oxide layer on the inner and outer walls, and their bearing is high pressure. And there is no leakage, not only the accuracy is very high, but also the finish is very high. Even when cold bending is performed, there will be no deformation and flaring. There is no crack when flattening, so it is mainly used in hydraulic components and pneumatic On products, such as oil cylinders and air cylinders.

Because the cylinder tube uses roll forming technology, it will cause more compressive stress on the surface, but it will be more conducive to the appearance of small cracks on the surface to seal, effectively preventing the expansion of erosion. Improving the corrosion resistance of the cylinder tube on the surface can also effectively extend the expansion and extension of fatigue, which significantly improves the fatigue of the cylinder tube. After the cylinder tube is rolled and formed, due to the rolling effect, a hardened layer will appear on the surface of the cylinder tube, which reduces the surface contacted by the grinding pair, which includes plastic deformation and elastic deformation, which effectively The abrasion resistance on the inner wall of the cylinder tube is improved. Because rolling processing is a non-cutting processing technology, it is mainly at low temperature and uses the principle of metal plastic deformation to promote microscopic unevenness on the surface of the workpiece. The structure of the surface layer and the mechanical properties are effectively changed. Therefore, this processing method effectively improves the purpose of finishing and strengthening, and it can not be completed by grinding.