The function requirement and motion speed requirement of welding positioner

- Jul 16, 2018-

When the welding positioner is used, it mainly adopts its full hydraulic drive and high integration valve block. To a certain extent, it has a large flow size, which can reduce the pressure loss of the system. When using, we can choose to use imported tightly closed components with high close sealing performance and appropriate.

Displacement of welding positioner oil temperature stem of good, clever mind unique special oil presupposition, really make the hydraulic system in the best appearance, even if in the long period large load things office conditions, can also be easily enough. In the view of the motion system, the cycloidal gear motor and the involute reducer speed unit are used to realize the smooth running of the large vehicle. The special clamping mechanism is equipped with the pressure of the energy saver to make the clamping strong and stable.

Functional requirements for welding positioned.

When the welding positioner is used, it mainly means that the merchant needs to know what action the positioner should be able to achieve, such as translation, lifting or rotation. If it's a translation, is it a straight line translation or a curve translation. If it's a rotary motion, is it a continuous turn or a batch turn, etc.

Requirements for the motion speed of the welding transposition positioner

It must be clear whether the speed is fast or slow, whether it is constant or variable, whether it is variable or variable.

The precision and transmission stability of the welding positioner are required.

For automatic welding positioner, the transmission is required to have a high precision, then worm transmission and gear transmission can be selected.