Welding system and function requirement of welding positioner

- Jul 13, 2018-

Displacement of welding positioner in use is mainly used to drag the welding workpieces, so you can make to weld movement to the ideal position for welding operation equipment, displacement of welding positioner is a kind of highly effective, the general in order to realize the girth welding welding equipment, for use with argon arc welding positioner (fill wire or not wire filling), melting polar gas shielded welding positioner (our fleet/MAG/MIG welder), plasma welding and other welding power source with other units into automatic welding system.

The rotation speed of the rotating head of the welding positioner can be adjusted. To a certain extent, it will have independent speed control circuit and dial code switch to directly preset the weld length. The tilt Angle can be adjusted as needed. Welding gun can be pneumatic lifting. First and foremost there are worktable, flip arrangement, rotary motor, mainframe, power line and other components.

Displacement of welding positioner is widely used in annular welding seam, its main function is effective in operation of its tilt, and rotary workpiece, so that you can make weld in level and boat best position welding, the device can be fixed on the workbench chuck or specific to the clamping fixtures use cooperation manual welding, automatic welding end can also be used together with welding manipulator, can also be used for cutting, grinding, such as equipment, check the process. Applicable work: auto parts, pump valve work, corrugated pipe, pipe flange welding, spray painting, cutting, mold, etc.