Cold drawing tube can improve wall thickness precision and adjust production rhythm

- Jul 06, 2018-

Cold drawn pipe need in the process of operating strictly in accordance with the technical requirements of the heating, adopts the ceiling temperature heating to a certain extent, effectively prevent low temperature heating, such as carbon steel billet heating temperature, respectively, 20 ~ 30 higher than that of the original process, the effect is better. The subsequent five months saw a drop of nearly 40 per cent.

Cold drawn pipe to a certain extent, effective for ejecting inclined hearth furnace must frequently, so that you can make the embryo heated evenly, so you can put an end to appear on the surface of the Yin and Yang, at the same time, in the oven door closed after I finished material, to reduce heat loss. To a certain extent, the rolling rhythm is strictly controlled to ensure that the blank is heated through without black core. Avoid perforated black spiral. To a certain extent, the cold drawing tube needs to use high quality heavy oil, which can ensure the heating quality of the blank

The precision of cold drawing tube wall thickness is improved

Cold drawn pipe need to properly adjust the piercing and rolling process parameters, so that it can be effective to some extent improve the rolling and other advanced precision, so that you can make the billet and waste pipe deformation in the process of piercing and rolling tube evenly.

Accurately adjust the centering position and install a roller-supporting device to a certain extent, so that the top can be aligned to the center of the blank, avoiding perforation eccentricity. Can install and adjust the roll when using, hold the top bar tightly, prevent the top bar from sinking.

The equipment is fixed and repaired to keep the equipment in good condition and ensure the accuracy of capillary wall thickness.

The equipment is fixed and repaired to keep the equipment in good condition and ensure the accuracy of capillary wall thickness

Strengthen the management, often measure the thickness of the capillary wall, find problems timely adjustment

Cold drawn pipe when making use of the need to control coordinate production rhythm, make the tubes before rolling the short residence time on the stage, so that you can to a certain extent, effective guarantee of the steel pipe finishing temperature is not lower than 850 , ensure uniform steel pipe internal organization, reduce the residual stress, the cooling water pressure is moderate, prevent leakage phenomenon, avoid pipe local water cooling, local cold short phenomenon.