The honing pipe has strong hole correction ability and less cutting allowance

- Mar 22, 2019-

The honing process is performed by the honing process to greatly improve the dimensional accuracy, roundness, straightness, cylindricity and surface roughness of the holes and the outer circle by removing the minimum machining allowance.

Honing ability of honing pipe

Due to the lack of various other processing techniques, some processing defects will occur during the processing. Such as: out of round, bell mouth, corrugated hole, small size, waist drum shape, taper, trowel pattern, reamer pattern, rainbow shape, hole deviation and surface roughness.

The honing pipe has a small cutting allowance

In order to achieve the precision required by the drawings during the production of the honing tube, honing processing is one of the processing methods with the least amount of removal in all processing methods. In the honing process, the honing tool uses the workpiece as a guide to cut off the excess allowance of the workpiece to achieve the required precision of the workpiece. When honing, the honing tool first picks up the place where the allowance is the largest, and then gradually picks up the place where the least amount of allowance is