The principle and application of the welded roller frame

- Mar 13, 2018-

Working principle

The driving device drives the active roller, and uses the friction between the active roller and the cylinder workpiece to drive the workpiece rotation to realize the displacement. It can realize the horizontal position of the inside and outside joint and the longitudinal and longitudinal joints of the workpiece, and the automatic welding equipment can realize the automatic welding.


It is mainly used for assembly and welding of cylinder. If the height of the main and driven roller is properly adjusted, the assembly and welding of the vertebral body and the segmented unequal trans body can also be carried out. For some non-circular long welded joints, if they are installed in the special ring clamp, the welding operation can also be carried out on the welded roller frame. The welding roller frame can also be used in conjunction with manual welding as the equipment for detecting and assembling the workpiece of the cylinder. The use of the welded roller frame can greatly improve the quality of the weld, reduce the labor intensity and improve the working efficiency.