The composition of the welded roller frame

- Mar 13, 2018-

The welding roller frame is a kind of welding auxiliary equipment, it is a kind of welding roller frame, which is commonly used in the welding of inner and outer seam and inside and outside of the cylindrical workpiece. It consists of a base, an active roller, a driven roller, a support, a drive device, a driving device, and so on. The transmission device to drive the active wheel, using the active roller and the friction between the cylindrical workpiece driven by the rotation of the workpiece to achieve change, the horizontal position of the workpiece can be achieved inside and outside the ring seams and longitudinal seam welding, automatic welding equipment can realize automatic welding, can greatly improve the weld quality, reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency. The welding roller can also be fitted with manual welding or as the equipment for detecting and assembling the workpiece of the cylinder.