The role of the honed tube and the high machining accuracy

- Jun 18, 2019-

The honing effect of the honed tube during the use is to improve the surface finish and wear resistance of the workpiece. The most important point is wear resistance, because the surface of the honed object forms a cross-web of a certain angle. Can retain a certain amount of oil, play a role in lubrication, reduce grinding, so the workpieces that need to be honed are usually in the engine block or cylinder liner of the car, various hydraulic cylinders, various hydraulic valve bodies, automobile connecting rods, motorcycle cylinders Similar to the linear motion or rotation of the body and the need to reduce the life of the object.


High precision machining of honing pipes


When the honing pipe is used, some parts with uneven wall thickness, such as its connecting rod, can have a roundness of 0.002 mm. For large holes (with a hole diameter of 200 mm or more), the roundness can also reach 0.005 mm. If there is no ring groove or radial hole, it is possible that the straightness is within 0.01 mm/1 m. Honing is more accurate than grinding because the bearings that support the grinding wheel are located outside the bore when grinding, which can cause deviations, especially for small holes, and the grinding accuracy is even worse. Steel pipe honing generally only improves the shape accuracy of the workpiece, and it is necessary to take some necessary measures to improve the positional accuracy of the part.