The structural characteristics and working principle of the roller frame

- Mar 03, 2019-

The roller frame can be effectively combined according to the simple weight and length of the welding to a certain extent. It is very convenient and flexible in the process of use. The roller frame automatically adjusts the center distance of the roller within the specified range, and is suitable for different diameters. The weldment and the cylindrical weldment are placed smoothly.

The roller frame is driven by a thyristor-powered DC motor. In the process of operation, stepless speed regulation can be adopted. The welding speed range of the whole equipment is large and the speed is stable. The roller frame has strong applicability and is widely used.

The roller frame mainly adopts the combined roller, and the steel wheel is covered with rubber. The transmission of the whole equipment is stable and the friction is large, the service life is long, and the effective wheel pressure of the workpiece is small, and the work surface is prevented from being cold hardened.

To a certain extent, the roller frame mainly swings freely by the roller, and automatically adjusts the center distance of the roller within its specified range, so that the weldment of different diameters can be used to some extent, and the round weldment can be placed. smooth.

The transmission of the roller frame drives the active roller. In the process of using, the friction between the active roller and the barrel workpiece is used to drive the workpiece to realize the displacement, and the inner and outer annular seams of the workpiece and the inner and outer longitudinal seams can be realized. Position welding, automatic welding equipment for automatic