The technical features of the operating machine and the clamping mechanism

- Apr 04, 2018-

In the process of operation, the main operation is the use of its full hydraulic oil transmission, ultra large flow channel and high integrated valve block, so that the pressure loss of the system is less, the sealing performance of the operating machine is high, and the imported sealing element is used.

The operating machine has a good oil temperature control in the process of operation, and its unique oil circuit design, to a certain extent, makes the hydraulic system in its best state to a certain extent. Even in the long term heavy load, it can be easily qualified.

The main motion system of the operating machine is the combination of the cycloid gear motor and the involute reducer, so that it can realize the stepless speed travel of the big car and the turn of the platform to a certain extent.

The operating machine mainly uses its special clamping mechanism, to a certain extent, with the pressure compensation of the energy storage device to make the clamping forcefully and stable. The three stage linkage mechanism of the equipment makes the jaw parallel to a certain extent, to a certain extent, the clamp rod is tilted, 360 degrees rotates, and the three-dimensional space is flexibly rotated.

The dynamic input of the machine is 70% less than that of the same kind of operating machine at operation. The mechanical modeling of the whole equipment is beautiful and the structure is compact. The operation is extremely flexible when it runs. It can finish the action that the huge operating machine can't complete, and let the operation experience the feeling of one man and the mind, and fully reflect the change of the manipulator to the manipulator. The fundamental meaning.