Welding positioner's operating performance and use advantages

- Apr 03, 2018-

During the operation of the welding positioner, the welding positioner will have a wider speed range and welding operation speed. The welding positioner will have good structural rigidity when used, and will effectively weld the size and shape of the welding positioner. The pieces must have a certain degree of applicability.

In the transmission chain, the welding positioner should have a one-stage reverse-stroke self-locking transmission to a certain extent. This can effectively prevent the accidental cut-off of the power source due to gravity.

Welding displacement machine and precision welding operations used in conjunction with the weldment displacement machine, in the equipment in the weldment size and process methods are different, the accuracy of its position and the accuracy of the trajectory to be controlled to a certain extent should be effective in Between 0.1-2mm.

The returning speed of the welding positioner is very fast, but to a certain extent, it needs to effectively avoid the impact and vibration, and the equipment must have good water receiving, electricity receiving, and gas access facilities during the operation process. Thermal and ventilation properties.

The entire structure of the welding positioner needs to have good airtightness, so that it can effectively avoid welding spatter damage to a certain extent, so that it can be effective to a certain extent on the spatter scattered on it. Medicine skin and other things. Should be easily cleared.http://www.ht-tube.com/