Tips for using welding positioners in production

- Jun 10, 2019-

Welding positioner, also known as welding positioner, welding turret, welding rotary table, is mainly used for the rotation and turning of circular and ring-shaped workpieces, so that the workpiece welds are placed in the horizontal position, the boat shape and other optimal positions for welding.


In the actual operation, the welding positioner fixes the workpiece on the work surface through the fixture such as welding chuck to rotate and tilt, so that the weld seam is in the most favorable position to be welded, improve the welding quality and production efficiency, and reduce the labor intensity of the workers.


The welding positioner can be fixed on the workbench with special welding chucks or other tooling for clamping workpieces and manual welding. This machine can also be used with welding operators to achieve automatic welding, which is widely used in welding, cutting and polishing. , assembly, painting, testing and other processes.


The welding positioner has the characteristics of precise structure, simple operation and flexible use, and is especially suitable for welding various flanges, steel pipes, rings, rounds and the like. In addition, according to the different needs of customers, we can install thin chucks, pneumatic topping devices and welding gun adjustment mechanisms to achieve the ideal automatic welding of circumferential seams, and complete the welding work quickly and effectively.