The conductive device and self-protection function of welding rotator

- May 08, 2018-

Welding rotator can be effective in the process of operating according to the size of workpiece diameter for automatic adjust the oscillation of the wheel, and can automatically adjust the heart, its products and welding manipulator used welding power source, so that you can achieve its girth welding workpiece inside and outside longitudinal seam and inside and outside.

Welding rotator has low  transmission noise and artifacts rotary stability so that it can achieve its cylindrical shell welding, rubber lining, assembly, polishing process operation, when making use of the roller speed should be uniform and smooth, when making use of crawling phenomenon is not permitted.

The Weld rotator should have the function of overpressure protection and self-protection to some extent. The product will have its fault display and storage function, automatic air switch short circuit protection, and preset parameters. It can also be used for assembly and welding of cone, segmental and unequal diameter rotary body.

Welding rotator used in the process of speed of the digital control and display technology, the setting of welding speed is very intuitive, accurate, and reduce the worker's operation difficulty, its product manufacturing and assembly of precision accuracy requirement should be effective in accordance with international, roller frame should adopt high-quality steel manufacturing. If the base of welding structure is used, the stress heat treatment must be eliminated after welding.

he welding rotator must be equipped with a reliable conducting device to a certain extent, and the welding current shall not be allowed to flow through the bearing of the roller frame when used. In the welding process, the axial direction of the workpiece should be less than or equal to 3mm in the whole process.

The center distance of the welding rotator must effectively according to the diameter of the cylinder type of artifacts to their corresponding adjustment, so that it can effectively ensure the two roller of simplified Angle 45 °, less than 110 °. With 15m control cable, roller forward and reverse switch, proximity control, remote control switch.

Welding of rotator in production when it is best to use its shun butyl rubber material, is mainly at runtime by roller of free oscillation, within the prescribed scope of frontal to automatically adjust the roller center distance, when making use of suitable for different diameter of weldment, circular simplified weldment place smoothly.