Working condition and starting requirements of self adjusting roller frame at normal temperature

- May 07, 2018-

The self regulating roller frame should be installed in a certain extent in the ventilation, moisture proof, dustproof, rain proof and far away from severe vibration and bump, to some extent, it is strictly prohibited and easily corroded liquid sprayed on the equipment. When the main and driven roller frame is installed at the same time, it is necessary to ensure the high level of the main, the driven frame, and so on. The line is located on the same straight line, and the diagonal line of the main and slave follower is adjusted.

In the process of placing the workpiece, the self-tuning roller requires the diameter and weight of the workpiece to a certain extent. To a certain extent, it should be carried out in strict accordance with its design regulations. Otherwise, the safety accidents will occur very easily. According to the length of the equipment, the distance between the main and the secondary wheels is properly adjusted.

The rubber wheel of the self regulating roller frame is only suitable for working at normal temperature during the running process. The maximum temperature of the workpiece and rubber wheel contact at the special condition is not allowed to be above 75 degrees, otherwise the rubber wheel may be damaged. When used, the roller should fully contact the workpiece and strictly prohibit the contact of the weld or the sharp parts. At the same time, when the workpiece is suspended, the roller is strictly prohibited to prevent the damage of the roller or other parts. When the equipment is not fixed, the strong impact may lead to the whole machine subversion.

In the process of starting, the self regulating roller is mainly transferred from low speed to high speed. In the process of transformation and steering, the motor can be converted after the motor is stopped, otherwise the motor will be burned easily. During the operation, no man machine separation is strictly prohibited, and people should be strictly prohibited in the rotation radius of the workpiece. To ensure the performance of the equipment, all the transmission parts should be filled with lubricant before use, and the equipment will fill in the daily inspection and maintenance record form. After a period of use, the whole machine should be checked regularly and fill in the maintenance record form.

The power supply line of the self regulating roller frame must pass through the air switch in order to operate safely. When the equipment is debugged, the power supply is connected, the start button is pressed and the rotation of the active wheel is observed. The speed regulation is normal. If there is any abnormal, the power should be cut off immediately and the reason can be found. After the troubleshooting, the test machine can be retested again.