The layout and quality requirements of honing pipes.

- Apr 28, 2018-

In order to improve the production efficiency of honing pipe, we adopted new production process in the process of production, and produced by means of strong grinding and automatic grinding. Automated grinding involves the use of electric or ultrasonic grinding to complete production tasks. Good production technology is necessary for the improvement of production efficiency.

Honing tube in use process is mainly used in the production of various kinds of machinery parts, in the process of operation for its accuracy is high, so have to pass the complicated process and strict inspection to the factory, honing tube along with the continuous development of science and technology, the progress of production technology constantly improve, for honing tube has a great role in promoting the production efficiency.

Honing tube in daily work, when making use of mainly through the sand with sand to produce a certain pressure, effective for appearance under a certain speed grinding, through abrasive belt grinding back and forth to move up and down up and down for parts appearance, reaches a certain role. Of course, in the grinding process, it is necessary to continuously add lubricating oil to cool it, so as to avoid affecting the surface quality of the workpiece. The resulting workpiece is only rough workpiece, and the product that wants very good precision still needs to be processed.

What are the requirements for the layout of honing pipes?

The honing pipe is different from the ordinary pipe material when it is used. Therefore, whether it is the processing mode or the piping layout, it is more exquisite. In this way, the effect of honing tube can be fully played. Honing pipe is a kind of high precision seamless steel tube specially treated, its good performance makes it have good use effect in every field. When the honing pipe is arranged, both alignment and orientation should be consistent and distinct. As far as possible, horizontal or vertical arrangement is adopted, and there are strict rules on parallelism and perpendicularity.

Honing tube cutting is also lower, if the diameter is greater than 50 mm, it is best to use cutting machining method, ensure the tube cutting surface smooth, cannot have defects such as burrs, scale, slag.

How to guarantee the quality of honing pipe?

1. Ensure the quality of materials used by the workpiece itself.

2. Guarantee the quality of honing rod or honing head.

3. The quality of honing fluid is guaranteed.